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Haeata and Lauren

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

A lot of thought went into Haeata’s romantic proposal to Lauren.

It was on a trip to Turoa that Lauren and Haeata called into “Smash Palace” looking for a necessary front bracket for Grant's (Lauren’s Dad’s) EH Holden.

It was a hot day and dressed in their snowboarding gear, they ambled around the car wrecks for four hours!!

Snowboarding gear on a hot day in “Smash Palace” - an interesting mix of passions I would say!

They did get to go snowboarding!

The true romantic moment came at The Chateau Tongariro where Haeata had made a reservation for the night and a booking for dinner.

It was on bended knee inside their hotel room that Haeata asked Lauren to marry him while Lauren politely asking Haeata to please get her hairspray from the car before they went downstairs to dinner as she had a bad case of “snowboarding” hair!

The dinner was amazing and despite the fact that they both felt slightly under dressed, nothing dampened their spirits on their engagement night.

The story gets even better!

They went upstairs to bed and Haeata being the staunch All Black Rugby fan he is, got up to watch the All Blacks play South Africa at 3am. Unfortunately the internet ran out and being a true blue rugby fan Haeata headed off downstairs to the office to get more internet access so that he could watch the end of the game!

Happily the All Blacks wons 38-27!

A total win/win for Haeata – having Lauren accept his proposal and the All Blacks winning over South Africa!

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