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Shawn and Chantelle's Love Story

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

I’m convinced that Cupid was hovering in the wings from early days of these two love birds.

Chantelle and Shawn both went to Tauranga Girls and Boys College and shared a similar circle of friends.

From early days they shared a love of motor cycles – Chantelle adored her Triumph and Shawn loved dirt bike riding.

The Okoroire Pub was a favourite destination which they travelled to on their bikes.

In the fullness of time Chantelle took up a Travel Agent position in Wellington. Geographically they were challenged but this didn’t deter Shawn from driving through the night to Wellington from Tauranga. He was a “frequent flyer” so to speak!

The romance blossomed and Cupid won!

Together they have two adorable children – Dominic and Lily. These wee treasures helped to make Chantelle and Shawn’s wedding day complete. They married at “Sapphire Springs Motor Camp” which has huge family memories for Chantelle.

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